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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your bikes from?

We only work with brands that live and breath our own values around quality, longevity and design. Our own bikes are designed and engineered in Australia and our third party ebikes are from all over the globe including Italy, USA and Asia.

How is a bike refurbished?

A refurbished bikes go through a massive 40 point service, with any worn parts being replaced or repaired to bring the bike back to ‘good as new’ condition. Including brand new Tyres and Brake pads.

How much life do refurbished bikes have left in them?

Our refurbished bikes are between 0 - 2 years old. We estimate that if you ride these bikes at a rate of 100km per week, they should last for at least 3 more years without electrical issues.

Do you deliver across Australia?

We offer nationwide delivery. The bikes come in a box with easy to understand instructions. We do our best to have your bike delivered to you through our delivery partners within 7-10 business days.

What is included in the warranty?

Every refurbished bike comes with a warranty for its frame, electrical parts and other components. See our warranty policy for more information. That being said, your our customer, so we got your back no matter what!

How do I claim warranty or get my bike serviced/fixed?

If your purchased product is not of acceptable quality or has latent defect (this includes any inherent fault) or requires replacement or repair, you should stop using the product and contact Zoomo.

How do I get my bike?

You can have your bike delivered or pick up from one of our stores. Please note: we cannot guarantee availability of all models in all stores. Once you have placed your order, an ETA will be advised for the pick up of your bike. If you would like to test ride before purchasing, please contact your local store.

What is your returns policy?

All refurbished bikes purchased outright have a 30 day returns policy. All bikes sold within this period are entitled to a full refund less any delivery costs, provided the bike is still in its original condition. See our returns policy for more information.

Are the bikes in the images the actual bikes?

We use these images to demonstrate the model as closely as possible, however all our refurbished bikes are used.

What about the battery?

All bike batteries go through our rigorous service and quality check, as its a used bike we cant guarantee the battery is at 100% efficiency, but anything less than 98% wont pass our checks. We also sell spare batteries at a discount to new owners and will always provide maintenance or support if your battery isn't working satisfactorily.

What else comes with the bike?

Along with the actual eBike, you will receive the RFID key Fob, Battery & Charger, Battery Lock & Key and complimentary Bike-Lock.

I've never ridden an eBike, can someone teach me?

Yes, we run free test riding in all of our stores, just book with your nearest store and we'll take care of the rest. (allow 30mins for rider training)
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